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    Health-care energy availability

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Power is a crucial element in hospitals – whether it's for ICU, surgical bays or medical scanning. Without reliable power, patients’ lives are at risk. If it's a well-established facility or a new building, hospital staff need innovative and reliable power solutions, to deliver maximum uptime.
  • Solutions

    To solve these challenges, you need a balanced solution designed and built according to tested, validated and documented architectures. It should include a monitoring system that addresses key installation concerns, maximises uptime and enables effective maintenance.

  • Value proposition

    Health-care availability is based on intelligent infrastructure: designed, tested and validated specifically for health-care facilities. It integrates all the aspects of a secure, reliable power solution, including isolated power systems to protect the most critical environments.

    This solution is scalable and open to third-party devices and protocols. It can help you:

    • reach energy availability performance with optimised CapEx
    • optimise OpEx during the building life cycle.
  • Differentiation

    Our systems provide:

    • tested, validated and documented solution, with results based on total system performance rather than individual components
    • one supplier for all key electrical components, which makes it easier to detect problems and fix 
    • highest quality products, from a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer
    • ability to build reliability studies and audits.


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    Up to 99.999% reliability.
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    Improved back-up power system reliability.
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    Increased availability in operating   theatres.