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      Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC)

      Room-level perimeter cooling solutions for medium to large data centers and air economizer cooling for large data centers.

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        White Paper #40
        Cooling Audit for Identifying Potential Cooling Problems in Data Centers

        The compaction of Information Technology equipment and simultaneous increases in processor power consumption are creating challenges for data center managers in ensuring adequate distribution of cool air, removal of hot air and sufficient cooling capacity. This paper provides a checklist for assessing potential problems that can adversely affect the cooling environment within a data center. Read White Paper #40
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        White Paper #130
        Choosing Between Room, Row, and Rack-based Cooling for Data Centers

        Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that traditional data center cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are oversized, inefficient, and unpredictable. Room, row, and rack-based cooling methods have been developed to address these problems. This paper describes these improved cooling methods and provides guidance on when to use each type for most next generation data centers. Read White Paper #130
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        White Paper #132
        Economizer Modes of Data Center Cooling Systems

        In certain climates, some cooling systems can save over 70% in annual cooling energy costs by operating in economizer mode, corresponding to over 15% reduction in annualized PUE. However, there are at least 17 different types of economizer modes with imprecise industry definitions making it difficult to compare, select, or specify them. This paper provides terminology and definitions for the various types of economizer modes and compares their performance against key data center attributes. Read White Paper #132
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        White Paper #136
        High Efficiency Indirect Air Economizer-based Cooling for Data Centers

        Of the various economizer (free cooling) modes for data centers, using fresh air is often viewed as the most energy efficient approach. However, this paper shows how indirect air economizer-based cooling produces similar or better energy savings while eliminating risks posed when outside fresh air is allowed directly into the IT space. Read White Paper #136
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      Uniflair LE Direct Expansion

      Provides an overview of the features and benefits as well as technical information of the Uniflair Direct Expansion line. Uniflair LE Direct Expansion

      Many applications, unique cooling solutions

      This brochure presents the advantages of Cooling products (Uniflair air conditioners and chillers) in “non-IT” mission critical applications. Many applications, unique cooling solutions

      EcoBreeze Technical Brochure

      Brochure that covers high level marketing message, theory of operation, features and benefits, and technical specs. EcoBreeze Technical Brochure

      Cooling Solutions for IT Equipment

      Right-sized systems for every environment, from network closets to data centers. Cooling Solutions for IT Equipment

      Cooling Economizer Mode PUE Calculator

      Trade-off tool showing the impact of geography and cooling characteristics on PUE, energy cost, and carbon emissions. Cooling Economizer Mode PUE Calculator

      Schneider Electric showcases the EcoBreeze cooling system at the AHR Expo. Read the blog to learn more. Schneider Electric Shows Off EcoBreeze Cooling System at AHR Expo – with Reduced Price Tag

      In this blog, Kevin Brown discusses whether using 100% fresh air to perform cooling is a good idea for a typical data center. Pushing the Data Center Boundary Blog: Is Fresh Air Really Good for Everyone?

      You can reduce energy consumption by 50% by using economizer mode cooling. Learn more in this blog post. Build a Cooling System that Relies on Economizer Mode – and Cut Energy Consumption in Half
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      • US Cooling Capabilities for the Data Center and Beyond

        An out-of-date, inefficient cooling system has a significant impact on your bottom line no matter what business you're in. Schneider Electric can upgrade your facility with a full range of Business-wise, Future-driven cooling solutions that are scalable, flexible, reliable and efficient.
      • Using Evaporative Cooling for Data Centers with Dave Roden

        At the 2014 AHR Expo Schneider Electric announced a price reduction in their EcoBreeze cooling system. In this video, David Roden, Business Development Manager for Schneider’s Cooling Line of Business, explains the system’s two economizer cooling modes and its ability to work within new and existing data centers.
      • EcoBreeze: Simply Cool

        Are cooling costs killing you? Schneider Electric has the solution: EcoBreeze – the industry’s most innovative, energy efficient and cost-effective approach to free cooling.
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