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    Remote automation solutions

    Reliable and sustainable solutions to make the most of your remote assets

  • Anglian Water: keeping the water flowing

    See how Schneider Electric's PlantStruxure™ Solution helped Anglian Water maximise the availability and efficiency of their water operations.

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    Maximising field production by transferring data from remote assets to the enterprise, securely and reliably. The need to make deployment and configuration simple, to improve workplace safety, facilitate business decisions and reduce total cost of ownership.
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    Our remote monitoring solutions

    Local and remote assets together, in the same architecture.

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

    • Default Alternative Text PlantStruxure We'll help you efficiently manage your remote operations and assets during their life cycle. We'll also help you ensure optimum ROI. We transform field data into information that's relevant and instrumental to help improve your business.
    • Graph up icon Better business Benefit from our complete and integrated field-to-enterprise offers: control cost of ownership, have secure and reliable SCADA across wide area network, gain operational efficiency from field to enterprise, and minimise risk by improving safety and regulatory compliance.


    • Default Alternative Text Fine-tune your energy use to help minimise production costs and environmental impact.
    • Default Alternative Text Improve production, energy management and performance, using real-time data and advanced embedded applications.
    • Default Alternative Text Enhance SCADA security and reliability across a wide area.
    • Default Alternative Text Achieve reliable and effective flow measurement in gas and liquid applications.
    • Default Alternative Text Maximise performance while conserving resources with SCADA Expert ClearSCADA.
    • Default Alternative Text Integrated, rugged and reliable products provide the solution to help you manage critical infrastructure systems.
    • Default Alternative Text Implement smart radio technologies for optimal network performance with Trio.