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    • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
      Integrated cooling from chiller and economizer plants to computer room air conditioners and containment.


      Integrated cooling from chiller and economizer plants to computer room air conditioners and containment

    • Cooling capabilities for the data centre

      An out-of-date, inefficient cooling system has a significant impact on your bottom line, no matter what business you're in.

    • Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC)

      ARTC is responsible for the management of over 10,000 kilometres of interstate track in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales.

      Schneider Electric’s InRow Cooling solution, with a hot aisle containment configuration and chillers, was perfect for cooling the huge workloads processed at their data centre.

    • The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

      The UNSW is a leading academic institution that always meets the demanding IT needs of its faculty and students.

      They managed to balance users' IT needs with constraints made by space and energy efficiency requirements. They used the Schneider Electric Hot Aisle Containment System, with InRow cooling and InfraStruxure Central Management.

    • Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

      See how the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE data centre uses Schneider Electric InRow Cooling Units and Hot Aisle Containment System, to keep their equipment cool.

      Two men looking at laptop computer in a network data center


      Keeping up with growing heat densities while reducing operating costs. Insufficient airflow or cooling caused by higher density IT equipment, creates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots and poor system performance.

      Value proposition

      • Value proposition icon Reliable cooling solutions Whether you're building a new data centre or retrofitting an existing one, we'll help you select an effective cooling solution for a healthy IT facility. Every piece of equipment that consumes power, produces an equivalent amount of heat in return. The wrong technology for your environment can result in higher costs and increased risk of downtime.
      • Default Alternative Text Efficient, flexible and reliable We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for virtually any cooling need in critical IT environments. Everything from network closets and server rooms, to data centres of all sizes.
      A Schneider Electric employee showing a data center to a man

      Cooling solutions

      For IT equipment: from network closets to data centres.


      • Default Alternative Text Our solutions for virtually any critical cooling problem in any IT environment are efficient, flexible and reliable.
      • Default Alternative Text InRow cooling places the unit in the row of racks, moving the source of cooling closer to the heat load. It also minimises air mixing and provides a predictable cooling architecture.
      • Default Alternative Text The EcoBreeze solution is a modular air economiser that provides the most favourable TCO for large facilities.
      • Default Alternative Text Rack and room air distribution systems are a cost-effective way to solve inadequate air distribution problems.
      • Default Alternative Text Our thermal containment products address a wide range of applications, providing the flexibility to enable efficiency gains and improve cooling reliability in any IT environment.
      • Default Alternative Text Our global presence ensures that our products are readily available worldwide.
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