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    Weather for Energy

    Operate more efficiently with the industry’s most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts.

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Weather can damage infrastructure, interrupt service, and cause demand to skyrocket. It also impacts wind and solar power generation. Better manage these challenges and lower costs with accurate, predictive weather intelligence.
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Weather for a Smarter Grid

Schneider Electric offers a complete suite of weather solutions for the electric utility and renewable energy sectors.

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Default Alternative Text Improve grid stability Accurately predict generation and demand with our top-rated temperature forecasts, as well as premium wind and solar forecasts.
  • Default Alternative Text Better anticipate severe outages Reduce the length of outages, improve mutual assistance decisions, and boost overall customer satisfaction by knowing when and where extreme conditions will strike.


  • Blue Schneider One icon The industry’s top independently-rated forecasts for the last nine consecutive years.
  • Default Alternative Text We serve 70% of major public utilities and independent operating utilities in the United States.
  • Blue lightning icon Our lightning safety solution is trusted by more than 60 % of U.S. wind farm operators.
  • Blue partner icon We are the only vendor to provide online consultations with professional meteorologists, 24/7.
  • Default Alternative Text Our exclusive customizable, location-specific weather and lightning alerts are patented.
  • Default Alternative Text Choose the delivery method that works best for your enterprise with our online and wireless portals and unique Web services.
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