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    Weather for Renewable Energy

lightning striking near wind turbine

Accurate weather insight is critical to your operation.

Lightning and severe weather pose serious threats to crew safety. Varying local weather conditions also determine the power you can generate from renewable sources. Better prepare for these challenges with accurate, real-time weather intelligence.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric's weather management solutions for renewable energy help you better manage your weather-related challenges, from protecting crews to improving power generation decisions.
  • Value Proposition

    Improve grid stability and reduce outages through better load and generation forecasting 

    • Accurate generation forecasts for both wind and solar power 
    • Identify under-performing renewable assets based on predicted output

    Increased safety and efficiency for maintenance crews 

    • Over 60% of North American wind farms use our lightning safety solution to protect crews from dangerous lightning strikes 
    • Identify optimal times to perform routine maintenance
  • Differentiation

    • Availability of specialized wind and solar forecasts 
    • Real-time, local lightning detection and patented alerts to stay on top of changing conditions 
    • Web services available for easy integration into existing systems 
    • Only provider who allows clients to ask their questions online to an experienced meteorologist, and receive an answer within minutes
    • Critical weather information and alerts available anywhere - via personal computer, tablet, or smartphone device


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    Be more confident in your decisions with exclusive, online consultations with our professional meteorologists, for fast answers to your important weather questions, any time of the day or night
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    Enhance generation, planning, and trading decisions with easy to incorporate wind and solar power forecasts for your specific location
  • Thunderstorm
    Better protect employees with customizable weather alerts for the conditions of most concern to you, such as lightning
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