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    PACiS Substation Automation Systems

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HV and MV substations are key nodes requiring supervision, protection and control, to efficiently operate electrical grids. We provide substation solutions to meet the latest standards and regulations, such as those applicable to cyber security. At the same time, being easy to use, flexible and scalable.  You need fast project deliveries with strong expertise and local support services.
  • Solutions

    • Our PACiS Substation Automation Systems are designed for HV and MV substations. 
    • They ensure high availability of supervision, protection, automation and control, while conforming to the latest standards, such as IEC 61850 and cyber security recommendations. 
    • PACiS solutions include local SCADA HMI, remote control centre interfaces and grid node protection with best-in-class IEDs. This helps operators to control and maintain their electrical substation, ensuring long-term support with advanced services.
  • Value proposition

    • Improved security to protect your assets: standardised and proven schemes with robust integrated devices, hardened communication and local SCADA.
    • Simplified grid operation and maintenance: a highly available control centre interface is key to keeping full control and visibility.
    • Open and scalable system to secure your long-term investment: Based on flexible and customised architectures with International Standards, including IEC 61850, IEC 62351-RBAC and IEC 62443.
  • Differentiation

    • Open and scalable systems, with versatile architecture and integration with best-in class digital IEDs to reduce wiring and optimise total cost of ownership. 
    • Innovative cyber security, embedded in operational technologies (OT) for simple deployment with existing staff.
    • Vast experience, with over 1,500 systems worldwide and specialists in IEC 61850, system design, integration and cyber security.
    • Local support and customised services.


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    Versatile architecture with energy-dedicated automation schemes.

  • Innovative cycber security

    Innovative cyber security approach to respect regulations.

  • engineer in a security and grid monitoring station

    Simplified grid operation and maintenance for current staff.

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    Strong expertise with local services and support.