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    EcoStruxure™ Advanced Metering Operation

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Utilities face increasing operational complexity and pressure to leverage existing sources of grid intelligence. To run smarter operations, they must maximise their knowledge of all levels of their network. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) constitutes a valuable source of low-voltage network information.  The ability to harvest and analyse meter data from the network endpoints empowers utilities to operate innovative demand management programs and engage customers in a more efficient use of electricity.

A complete, integrated solution

Titanium a complete integrated enterprise solution
  • Solutions

    Titanium is a complete set of metering solutions specifically designed to deliver all metering requirements for a smart utility:

    • Deployment - Plan, schedule, and follow up to minimise stock-in-progress, optimise the work force and guarantee successful deployment.
    • Maintain - Smart analysis tools and ticketing capabilities interfaced with work order management systems.
    • Operation - Advanced ad-hoc tools to gather smart metering information on a reliable scheduled basis and to operate remotely, thus improving the cash-to-meter process.
  • Value Proposition

    The most advanced services: Analysis of existing metering processes to accommodate new technologies, follow up of infrastructure deployment and daily operation and maintenance to guarantee the delivery of metering critical information.

    The most advanced tools: Supporting the delivery of smart metering services, making the most of the current information technologies to provide a set of advanced tools that guarantee reliable AMI deployment and operations encompassing smart metering operation technologies in just one solution.
  • Differentiation

    Cutting-edge technologies: Using the most advanced IT technologies to provide a fully cloud-based virtualised architecture, easily expanded from hundreds of thousands to more than 13 million devices.

    Cyber security: Following the most demanding cyber security principles, privacy of information is a key factor, encrypting any single piece of information, including meter reads, security access keys or certificates.

    Reliable Operation: Performance to the highest and most demanding service level agreements for delivery of metering information. The perfect match between the most advanced and reliable operational technologies and information technologies.


  • technician looks at a smart metering set up

    Efficient roll-out. Schedule and follow-up of your AMI deployment to accomplish your schedule, minimising the stock-in-progress needs.

  • a computer monitor shows smart metering software

    Efficient operation. Keep your smart metering infrastructure running by detecting under-performing sites and fixing those with the embedded OTRS.

  • an electric utilities meter for smart metering

    Meter agnostic platform. Support different metering technologies under the same operation environment.

  • technician with a laptop at a electric utilities power station

    Efficient services delivery. Deliver your metering services according to your business logic and needs at the highest performance rates.