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    Utility Metering

High tech energy management


Today's sophisticated networks demand highly accurate power metering at minimised costs. Utility providers need to produce high-quality power that's available, reliable and compliant with contracts and regulations.

  • Solutions

    Utility providers need sophisticated metering and power quality data to increase reliability and meet demands. Our next generation PowerLogic™ ION8650 and ION8800 meters meet the challenge of smart grid metering, every step of the way.
  • Value proposition

    • Improve overall system reliability.
    • Ensure the quality of power.
    • Integrate in any substation.
  • Differentiation

    PowerLogic metering technology exceeds the world’s most demanding accuracy standards, saving time and money. You'll also benefit from performance-based rates and from power quality analysis, which heads off potential problems.
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Metering, monitoring and analysis

You need sophisticated power quality monitoring and reporting to validate compliance, improve stability and minimise downtime. Our power metering, monitoring and control systems unite your entire enterprise and let you know exactly what quality of power and service you’re delivering. They also reveal new energy opportunities and increase your ROI with accurate billing, value of service and competitive edge.


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    Reduce power quality analysis time.

    Quickly identify the cause of power quality events.
  • Ecological energy saving wooden office building at night
    Guarantee power quality to customers.

    Compliance with power quality standards.
  • computer screen show blue graph for energy efficiency
    Reduce communications costs.

    Streamline billing and administration.
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    Utilise transformer and/or line loss compensation for precise, cost-effective revenue metering.