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    Preconfigured Modular data centers

    Preconfigured Modular Data Center solutions.

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Deciding how and when to incrementally add power, cooling or IT physical infrastructure. Had to be done through a quick planning, design and deployment cycle, while focusing on increasing efficiency and keeping TCO as low as possible.
  • Solutions

    Our preconfigured modular solutions are fast and easy to configure and deploy. They help keep the total cost of ownership low and ensure your critical availability targets are met.
  • Value proposition

    • Complete solutions: physical infrastructure solutions with high availability, agility and low TCO through integration and standardisation.
    • High performance: 30% reduction in power consumption compared to traditional designs with a 15% smaller footprint.
    • Fast and easy to design and deploy: up to 60% faster through automated planning and design tools, out-of-the-box management, solutions conceived as integrated systems and a global supply chain.
    • Scalable and adaptable: achieve 10% to 20% savings on initial CapEx with right-sizing.
  • Differentiation

    • OpEx savings: reduce total data centre life cycle costs by up to 30% over 10 years.
    • Customised solutions and services: to meet the needs of new builds, existing data centres and private clouds.
    • Deliver up to 99.995% reliability: power and cooling redundancy that's easy to configure and deploy, with sophisticated management software to ensure your desired service level.
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    • Robust and flexible rack solutions. Perfect for quick/easy installation of servers/network devices and converged infrastructure.
    • Provide efficient climate control.
  • Lomographs data center, data center solutions, preconfigured systems, integrated data center architecture.
    • Various capacities and densities available.
    • Local and remote monitoring capabilities.
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    • Physical security.
    • Early fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing capabilities.