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    Farm to fork in the digital age

    Improve sustainability, efficiency, and traceability from farm to fork with digital innovations.

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    Connect your enterprise to tomorrow’s IoT economy

    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centers, industry and grid.

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    Schneider Electric provides a broad scope of solutions for managing water in every area of the mine.

    Water management requires a holistic, enterprise-wide approach. Schneider Electric’s solutions will give you the necessary tools to leverage water as a business variable.

    > Telemetry: Monitor and control operations such as water quality, water levels and pumping across dispersed and/or inaccessible areas.

    > Mobility Inspection Tools: Use mobility tools for water inspections, especially at non-instrumented locations.

    > Weather Forecasting: Understand and anticipate critical weather affecting water management.

    > Sustainability Portal: A single snapshot of water performance at all of your plants and sites.


    > Exceed environmental objectives
    > Proactive monitoring to respond quickly to water incidents

    > Minimize dependence on external contractors
    > Improved quality and timeliness of water reporting


    Get proactive monitoring, reporting and alerts with our integrated and scalable solution addressing the different aspects of environmental management.

    > Real-time monitoring and alerting
    > Mobile and automated inspections
    > Weather integration
    > Trends and reporting


    > Proactive monitoring improves response to environmental monitoring 

    > Increased quality of environmental reporting

    > Reduced dependence on external contractors for data collection and analysis 


    Schneider Electric provides extensive solutions for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems

    > Smart E-Houses: Prefabricated substations, control rooms and mobile data centers
    > LV and MV power distribution equipment: a complete line of MV/LV substations, equipment and components
    > Supervision: For power distribution and substation automation


    E-House is a fully engineered, cost effective, plug & play solution fully compliant with the latest building codes and standards. It is tested, validated and industrialized by Schneider Electric providing integrated safety, security and access control.

    > Reduced start-up time and manpower to build and commission in remote locations
    > Delivered ready for installation in the field
    > Simplified project coordination

    > Less required maintenance with optimized engineering and design


    Schneider Electric’s expertise in solar and micro-grid technologies allows us to deliver effective renewable-based solutions.

    > Energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy and new energy technologies
    > Hybrid generation photo voltaic systems
    > Hybrid system architectures addressing the most economical energy mix


    Let our leading technologies, worldwide solution capabilities and mining industry expertise help you:

    > Reduce energy costs and environmental impact
    > Improve energy availability
    > Achieve a greener, more sustainable operation

    Thrive in the digital era with EcoStruxure™

    Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.
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