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    Make the Wiser Choice

    Make the Wiser Choice

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You face many challenges - aging infrastructure, cost recovery, adoption of new renewable energy sources and technology and increased mandates. With these pressures and the need to maintain a balanced grid, utilities are quickly realizing the impact of residential consumers. You need a complete solution that actively engages consumers in your energy efficiency and peak demand initiatives creating a more effective and reliable grid.
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Residential Energy Management Solutions

Driven by innovative technology, Wiser helps you fulfill your energy efficiency and demand response initiatives while actively engaging your customers.

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Value proposition icon Balanced Grid Wiser Residential Energy Management is a single partner that empowers you to deliver on program requirements, strengthen customer trust and balance the grid through a cost-effective, high performing complete solution.
  • Value proposition icon Happy Customers Wiser helps you actively engage your customers with customizable energy efficiency and peak demand experiences that foster a lasting conversation between the utility and the homeowner.