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Achieving balance between data centre availability and efficiency; obtaining accurate, real-time information to manage day-to-day operations; visibility of current capacity and assets; and getting facilities, IT and executive management working together to improve business.

Optimising the data centre life cycle

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  • Solutions

    • Actively manages your data centre's life cycle. 
    • Tracks DC and IT assets. 
    • Optimises existing infrastructure capacities through intelligent resource management. 
    • Integrates with IT systems to provide an enterprise end-to-end management solution, coupled with impact analysis for availability management. 
    • Provides global visibility to manage data centre assets, CapEx and OpEx spend.
  • Value proposition

    • Empowers managers to proactively manage the data centre throughout its entire life cycle.
    • Enhances decision making by providing accurate information in a timely manner to key personnel.
    • Reduces over-provisioning of power, cooling, space and network capacities, to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs.
    • Provides visibility to all assets in the data centre, from core infrastructure to IT.
  • Differentiation

    • Recognised by Gartner Magic Quadrant as a leader in DCIM, 2014.
    • Open software platform, delivered through a robust, scalable and integrated solution.
    • Enterprise end-to-end solution that delivers outcomes from the "shop floor" to the "top floor".
    • Integrates with existing facility and IT systems, to create a "single source of truth" across the business.
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Software applications and services

The innovative DCIM software suite provides complete visibility, from the building level down to the servers. Data centre managers can reduce energy consumption, protect system uptime, and improve planning and operational performance throughout the data centre life cycle. Flexible reporting capabilities make it easy to communicate current status and future capacity needs to data centre stakeholders across the business.


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    Gain an instant overview of data centre inventory and real-time device alarms.
    Receive mobile updates.
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    Decrease CapEx through planning and optimising physical infrastructure capacities.
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    Optimise existing server utilisation for a healthy reduction in energy usage and CapEx investment.
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    Real-time server placement recommendations validated via analysis of current data centre capacities.
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    Dynamic, automated control of data centre cooling units based on real-time temperature measurements.
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    Improve PUE through insight into current and historical energy efficiency, usage and losses.

Software Services

Software Configuration

Ensure the most value from your new investment with quick and precise configuration of your data center management software to suit your specific business needs.

Software Education

Get the most from your investment by learning operational skills and best practices for your configured data center software solution.

Software Installation

Installation and registration of your data center management software in accordance to manufacturer specification.

Software Integration

Planning, managing and designing the integration of StruxureWare Data Center Software into your existing enterprise data center software or system.

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