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      Balancing energy cost risk and reward

      Strategic Energy Sourcing Services

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    Having limited time and resources dedicated to energy management -- trying to reduce or at least maintain energy costs from year to year.
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    Energy sourcing solutions

    Services designed to discover opportunities, uncover savings and recover costs.

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

    • Default Alternative Text Cost savings and cost avoidance We uncover savings opportunities everywhere by a) identifying buying opportunities based on timing/supplier options (deregulated markets), then b) finding the most favourable tariff rates (regulated markets).
    • Value proposition icon Budget assurance Past and present energy costs must be carefully considered, to accurately budget for the future. We use a data-drive approach, to develop energy budgets that deliver precision and build confidence.


    • SE Default icon 8,089: Terawatt-hours of electricity consumed in the U.S. in 2013.
    • SE Default icon 13%: Percentage of U.S. power generation represented by renewable energy.
    • SE Default icon 31%: Portion of overall U.S. natural gas consumption used by the electricity sector to produce power.
    • SE Default icon 10 and 35: Number of states participating in carbon emission auctions and number of states with legislation around renewable portfolio standards (RPS), respectively.
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