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    Weather for Sports

    Lightning bolts agains a dark sky


    Protecting your athletes is your top priority — don’t take chances with severe weather.  Accurate lightning information is critical to keeping players and fans safe from deadly strikes. And you need reliable, cutting-edge insight to guard against heat-related illness.

    • Solutions

      Each day, Schneider Electric helps hundreds of sports and recreation clients — including high school, university, and professional sports teams — to keep people safe. Its accurate, safety–driven weather information and one-of-a-kind, customizable tools can be tailored to any organization, and delivered via the internet or a mobile device.
    • Value Proposition

      • Better protect players and fans from dangerous weather.
      • Safely manage outdoor events.
      • Improve turf maintenance schedules.
    • Differentiation

      • Wet bulb globe temperature forecasts and alerts help you guard against dangerous heat stress in hot, humid conditions.
      • Custom, patented weather alerts keep you abreast of changing conditions, with real-time notifications for your exact location.
      • Top-rated forecasts and proven temperature and precipitation accuracy help you manage practice and play, home or away.
      • Professional forecast consulting provides answers to your weather questions, 24/7, with our exclusive online consultations.
      • An on-site weather station feeds the most precise possible forecast and alerts directly from your own field, for the ultimate home field advantage.
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       Strike down lightning risks — with a unique lightning safety solution full of industry exclusives, including: Real-time lightning display and detection, location-specific alerts; and all-clear notifications that let you know when it’s safe to resume play.
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       Protect players from extreme heat, and meet heat stress guidelines and plan safer activities with our exclusive Wet Bulb Globe temperature and alerts — no special hardware required.
    • Outdoor stadium.

       Further improve player safety with an on-site, state-of-the-art weather station for ultra-pinpointed weather forecasts and alerts for your exact fields.
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