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    Mobile made simple, spatial, and secure

    Field Mobility

    Workin on the power lines


    Modernize field work processes by providing field crews with the most current and accurate data. Enable your customer response crews to quickly assess damage after a storm and utilize additional crews for faster restoration times and happier customers.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric offers a cloud based mobile solution that is flexible, easy to deploy and provides field crews with real-time access to geospatial data.
    • Benefits

      Extends the value of your existing geospatial investment, providing field crews with focused, intuitive tools so they know exactly what work needs to be done, the location and can easily communicate work status and results.
    • The Difference

      Schneider Electric unifies field work processes into a single solution that supports a multitude of work types and enables accurate feedback from the field to improve geospatial information quality and other enterprise systems. The solution relies on corporate policies to enhance security of infrastructure assets.


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      Empower field users with information about the location and details of work, providing an easy way to collect data.
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      Improve the quality of information with up-to-date results from the field.
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      Avoid manual data practices and by putting the most accurate GIS information possible.
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      Reduce costs via hosted solution that minimizes infrastructure, implementation time and maintenance requirements.
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      Provide field crews with easy access to asset infrastructure data that remains stored safely in the enterprise.
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