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    Innovation Summit Sydney

    Thanks for coming to the Innovation Summit in February 2018!

Thanks for coming to the Innovation Summit 2018!

  • Highlights of the Innovation Summit Sydney 2018

    See innovation in action at Innovation Summit Sydney 2018, which took place 12 - 13 February 2018. This is how Schneider Electric is helping customers Power the Digital Economy.

    Thanks to our speakers and sponsors

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    Keynote Speaker – Steve Vamos

    With a career spanning over 30 years, Steve is an avid believer that while technology provides a great opportunity, it is the people, the way they think and what they do that determines if organisations succeed. Such beliefs have been shaped through his time in senior executive roles at Apple, Microsoft and IBM in Australia, America and Asia. Today Steve sits on the board of many companies, including two of the biggest listed companies in Australia and New Zealand - Telstra and Fletcher Buildings Limited. 

    Using his vast experience of leadership through the changing digital landscape, during his Innovation Summit keynote Steve will give critical insights on; 

    • • What are the essential mindsets leaders need to succeed? 
    • • How can organisations succeed in rapidly changing times? 
    • • How can organisations capitalise on new technology? 
    Learn more about Steve here.
    David Martin, Co-founder and MD at Power Ledger

    Keynote Speaker – David Martin

    Blockchain is here, NOW. The impact of the technology on our financial systems is already being seen, but how could it disrupt other industries? How will this impact your business and your life?

    Hear from the Australian tech start-up Power Ledger, who is revolutionising the energy economy with blockchain and facilitating the very first peer to peer trading of energy. Accessible to everyone, what impact could the technology have on;

    • • the cost of energy?
    • • the provision of energy?
    • • our energy market as we know it?

    Already with interest from the likes of Richard Branson, hear how Power Ledger co-founder David Martin is revolutionising the energy economy with blockchain technology!

    Learn more about Power Ledger.
    • Speakers Dr Catherine Ball

      Chairperson – Your Digital City

      Dr. Catherine Ball is an author, founder, and ethics advocate working across global projects where robotics and new technology meet environmental protection. A sought-after voice in industry, Dr. Ball is now working with the application of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) aka drone technology across remote communities, schools, industry, and citizen scientists. Dr. Ball continues to support Australia as being the world leader in the non-military application of drone technology, also known as “drones for good”.

      Catherine Ball
    • Speakers Luke Briscoe

      Panellist – Your Digital City

      Luke Briscoe is the Managing Director of AMP Capital Office & Industrial, AMP Capital’s investment and property management team, providing strategic management services to AMP Capital’s $9.2bn Australian Office and Industrial real estate portfolio. With more than 20 years’ experience in real estate, Luke is responsible for leading the 130 plus team of real estate professionals, creating exceptional real estate experiences that support customers in their success, whilst ensuring the delivery of superior and sustainable investment performance for O&I’s clients.

      Luke Briscoe
    • Speakers Preeti Bajaj

      Panellist – Your Digital City

      Preeti is an entrepreneurial leader with a proven ability to develop and execute commercially focused business strategies for organisations, covering; public/private social infrastructure, technology, utilities, education and property. Currently the VP of Strategy & Commercial Transformation for Schneider Electric, Preeti has enjoyed a diverse career spanning roles in business development, general management, operations, strategy and transformation for multi-nationals and start-ups. She currently leads the smart city practice for Schneider Electric Australia.

      Preeti Bajaj
    • Speakers Ranil Sharma

      Panellist – Your Digital City

      Ranil is the General Manager, Telstra Cities. He has been the Industry Lead in Smart Cities and Utilities for Telstra and is on the Steering Committee creating Telstra’s Smart Cities Strategy. He also is the Telstra representative on the ASCA Industry Board. His accountability is to understand the sector needs and provide thought leadership about how emerging trends and developments can help to create and fulfil a richer experience for the Communities of Interest.

      Ranil Sharma
    • Speakers Richard McIndoe

      Panellist – Energy Transformation

      Richard is Chairman and CEO of Edge Electrons, a Melbourne-based energy technology company which develops and manufactures unique power quality and voltage regulation equipment for commercial and residential customers. Richard was previously Chief Executive of Energy Australia, one of the 3 major integrated energy companies in Australia, and Managing Director of China Light and Power’s international business, based in Hong Kong. Richard has been Chairman of the Clean Energy Council and Deputy Chairman of the Energy Supply Association of Australia.

      Richard McIndoe
    • Speakers Innes Willox

      Chairperson – Intuitive Industries

      Innes is Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, a leading industry organisation representing businesses in a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, transport, defence, ICT and labour hire. His current appointments include Director of Australian Super, Director of the Innovative Manufacturing Co-operative Research Centre, Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Skilled Migration, Chair of the Migration Council of Australia, Board Member of Australian American Leadership Dialogue and Member of RMIT College of Business Industry Advisory Board.

      Innes Willox
    • Speakers Trevor Clarke

      Chairperson – Digitisation of the IT Ecosystem

      As the Research Director and Founding Partner of Tech Research Asia (TRA), Trevor has successfully helped establish and grow one of the most exciting IT analyst, research, and consulting firms in the industry. Trevor specialises in helping clients understand the many dynamics of the diverse Asia Pacific region to get the best out of technology investments and opportunities. In addition to jointly leading TRA, for more than a decade Trevor has also provided consulting and advisory services to business, government, and IT executives.

      Trevor Clarke
    • Speakers Deanne McDonald

      Panellist – Intuitive Industries

      Deanne is the General Manager of Digital Transformation Group at Water Corp. She has been engaged in the development and delivery of public and private projects with a career spanning 20+ years in property, transport, utilises and service sectors. Passionate about innovative thinking, Deanne is currently President of the Australian Water Association in WA and an active member of a number of institutions and associations. In her current role, Deanne leads digital transformation throughout the organisation, a critical enabling function to achieve strategic objectives with 15 year look ahead. Her portfolio brings together information and operational technology functions to simplify, streamline and enhance technology capabilities, powered by broad-reaching transformation programs.

      Deanne McDonald
    • Speakers Joe Craparotta

      Panellist – Digitisation of the IT Ecosystem

      Joe Craparotta is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry who has experience in many of the technological convergence shifts seen in the industry to date. After starting out early in his career as a founding partner of Indicium Technology Group his entrepreneurial and inquisitive style continued to draw him towards other technology firms. Joe has held senior leadership positions across the IT, Industry and Energy Business Units within Schneider Electric and currently is Vice President, Pacific Zone of the IT Division and Strategic Segments. This role sees him leading the IT Division which is heavily involved in the Data Centre Segment as well as leading the Strategic Segment teams in Pacific responsible for innovation and sustainability in the Water Waste Water, Mining Minerals Metals, Food & Beverage, Oil and Gas, Cloud, Defence and Infrastructure segments

      Joe Craparotta
    • Speakers Brian Morris

      Panellist - Energy Transformation

      Brian is Vice President –Energy & Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric and has 30 years of experience in the energy sector in technical, financial, energy trading/risk management and end users advisory fields. Brian is considered a thought leader in the industry and is currently Chair of the Energy Users Association of Australia, and a Board member of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP). Brian is a commercially astute business leader with a passion for assisting large energy users implement practical solutions to ensure business sustainability and achieve organisational goals.

      Brian Morris
    • Speakers Dr Phil Blythe

      Panellist – Energy Transformation

      As Founder and CEO of GreenSync, Phil is forging new paths to energy management in Australia through cloud analytics, grid-edge technologies and network optimisation. With over 15 years’ experience commercialising new technology in global markets, Phil has been the lead technologist at five start-ups in the UK and Australia, including multimedia, cryptography, and smart buildings. Starting his career as an aerospace engineer and professional pilot, Phil followed his passion for advanced technology and research into machine learning and artificial intelligence. He moved into energy to counter the looming threat of climate change and is now focused on reinventing the energy system to build a better future.

      Phil Blythe
    • Speakers Joshua Ridley

      Panellist – Your Digital City

      Joshua is co-founder and CEO of Willow, the open source operating system that is revolutionising the built environment through extracting intelligent insights from data-rich buildings and infrastructure. Joshua believes that connecting the built environment with technology will transform the lives of millions. He has delivered significant projects with some of the world’s most acclaimed property groups who are pioneering a global portfolio of iconic smart buildings. Joshua sees a future where buildings and infrastructure are part of a predictive and innovative ecosystem. Joshua Ridley is also founder and CEO of Ridley, the Digital Design and Construction Company which aims to deliver 'intelligent built environments’ by creating digital buildings and digital infrastructure.

      Josh Ridley


      Gold sponsor:

      Somfy is the leading global manufacturer of intelligent, quiet motors, electronic controls and home automation solutions for interior and exterior window coverings.
      For more than four decades, Somfy engineers have designed solutions for both the commercial and residential markets to motorise window coverings such as blinds, curtains, awnings and roller shutters. Somfy’s aim is to bring more happiness to everyone, everyday, everywhere, by creating connected solutions to create a simpler way of life – one that is more secure, comfortable and energy efficient.
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      Enterprises must evolve rapidly to stay competitive in our modern, fast-paced world. Meet HPE to experiences how to deal with chaotic mix of workload-specific and distributed hybrid infrastructures. During HPE presentation understand the coming trends affecting the data centre industry and the solution to better operate a mix of hybrid and distributed data centre. How to right size your topology how to automate the coming massive complexity affecting IT and facilities layers of the data centres.

      Silver sponsor:

      Panasonic and Schneider Electric partner to simplify energy management with innovative integration to optimise building efficiency and costs through AC Smart Connectivity solutions. Panasonic Australia is a market leader in the fields of air conditioning, consumer electronics, and B2B solutions. For a century, the reliability and reputation of Panasonic products has ensured that they are part of the everyday lives of many –

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