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How to make your building smarter

Imagine walking into your building and being given a coffee exactly how you like it. Or being welcomed by name, as you’re passing through security. It’s not a dream. That’s the reality of the way we’re headed.

Smart buildings have building management systems (BMS), which get to know your preferences and respond accordingly for a seamless user experience. Smart buildings are more than just pleasantries as you start your day; they’re designed to make your entire day seamless, personalised and most importantly, productive.

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You can learn how to make your building smarter and start saving.
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8 elements of a smart building

  • Blue EcoXpert icon Insightful: sensors and connected devices capture data and feed back to the BMS, in real time.
  • Blue man icon Personalised: uses technology to create a working environment suited to your preferences.
  • Blue leaf icon Green: advanced energy management systems help to produce more energy than the building uses.
  • Blue prosumer icon Fluid: contains agile workspaces that can be adjusted, cost-effectively and according to the user requirements.
  • Default Alternative Text Healthy: uses technology and facilities to foster a healthier working environment.
  • Blue Graph up icon Productive: uses technology to create a smarter, more efficient company culture.
  • Blue collaboration icon Collaborative: uses technology to create space and foster the sharing of ideas and information across business units.
  • Blue handshake icon Effective: uses tracking systems to understand building performance and allow users to work most efficiently.
  • “Businesses can’t afford not to consider the workplace: how it looks and represents the brand, as well as how it performs.”

    Amanda Stanaway, Principal at Woods Bagot

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  • “Nowadays, formal meeting spaces are used for only 20% of meetings. Informal cafés are better, as they improve communication and cross-pollination of ideas.”

    Warwick Johnson, Director at Brooksfield Multiplex.

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  • “The workplace is a marketing and transformation tool, and it is critical in the attraction and retention of talent.”

    Amanda Stanaway, Principal at Woods Bagot.

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  • “A smart building makes everything easy… your ability to attract people into your business; have them working effectively; working on brand new creations; solving problems…”

    Robert Hitchcock, Program Manager at Mirvac HQ.

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  • “Buildings are made as culture clubs. They are part of bringing people together to be part of the brand that they work for… It’s about how we energise people in that space and technology needs to reinforce that as well.”

    Will Walker, Global Head of Business Services, Macquarie Group.

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  • “In a very fluid space… you can see the opportunity for a building to become the conduit to connecting people.”

    Renee Nutbean,  Future Trends Analyst at ISPT

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  • “Smart buildings are designed to have intelligence that allows us to improve comfort control, as well as maximising energy savings.”

    Bruce Duyshart, Director at Meld Strategies.

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  • “Our vision is that we want you to leave work healthier than when you arrived.”

    Duncan Young, Head of Workspace Health & Wellbeing at Lend Lease

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    Download the report, today!

    You can learn how to make your building smarter and start saving.
    Download the Report

    At the end of the day, smart buildings save money, time and the environment.

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