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    140DAO84000 Product picture

    Range: Modicon Quantum

    Standard environment


    140DAO84000 Product picture
    Range: Modicon Quantum

    Standard environment


    discrete output module Modicon Quantum - 16 O - 20..253 V AC

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    • Main
      range of product
      Modicon Quantum automation platform
      product or component type
      AC discrete output modules
      discrete output number
      discrete output type
      group of channels
      16 groups of 1 channel
      supply frequency
      47...63 Hz
      voltage drop
      1.5 V
      discrete output voltage
      20...253 V AC
      addressing requirement
      1 output word
      absolute maximum output
      300 Vrms for 10 s AC
      400 Vrms 1 cycle AC
      maximum load current
      4 A rms sum of four points, continuous
      1 mA rms 24 Vrms off state leakage per output
      1 mA rms 48 Vrms off state leakage per output
      16 A rms per module
      2 mA rms 115 Vrms off state leakage per output
      2.5 mA rms 230 Vrms off state leakage per output
      3 A rms 200...230 V per output
      4 A rms 24...115 V per output
      surge current
      <= 10 A during 3 cycles per point
      <= 20 A during 2 cycles per point
      <= 30 A during 1 cycle per point
      400 V/ms
      response time
      <= 0.5 ms at state 0 to state 1
      <= 0.5 ms at state 1 to state 0
      protection type
      Internal by RC filter
      power dissipation
      1.85 + (1.1 V x total module load current)
      associated fuse rating
      5 A
      local signalling
      1 LED green bus communication is present (Active)
      1 LED red external fault detected (F)
      16 LEDs green input status
      bus current requirement
      350 mA
      module format
      product weight
      0.485 kg
      product certifications
      FM Class 1 Division 2
      CSA C22.2 No 142
      UL 508
      electromagnetic compatibility
      Electrostatic discharge immunity test (test level:4 kV, contact discharge) conforming to IEC 801-2
      Electrostatic discharge immunity test (test level:8 kV, air discharge) conforming to IEC 801-2
      Susceptibility to electromagnetic fields (test level:10 V/m, 80...1000 MHz) conforming to IEC 801-3
      ambient air temperature for operation
      0...60 °C
      ambient air temperature for storage
      -40...85 °C
      relative humidity
      95 % without condensation
      operating altitude
      <= 5000 m
      Offer Sustainability
      Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      RoHS (date code: YYWW)
      Compliant  - since  0936  -  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
      Product environmental profile
      Product end of life instructions
      Contractual warranty
      Warranty period
      18 months
    • Documents & Downloads

      • English
      User guide
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      Add to My Documents
      Declaration of conformity
      Add to My Documents
      Date 7/08/17
      Size 567.7 KB
      End of life manual
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      Marine certificate
      Add to My Documents
      Date 13/02/18
      Size 2.3 MB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 81.5 KB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 173.6 KB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 2.6 MB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 504.7 KB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 68 KB
      Date 16/01/18
      Size 6.6 MB
    • Technical FAQs

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    • Dimensions Drawings

      Racks for Modules Mounting
      Dimensions of Modules and Racks

      2 slots
      3 slots
      4 slots
      6 slots
      10 slots
      16 slots

    • Connections and Schema

      24...230 Vac Discrete Output Module
      Wiring Diagram

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