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    MiCOM P436 and MiCOM P438

    Distance Protection Devices for Rail Catenary

    MiCOM Px30 rail devices are a series of protection relays dedicated to railway catenary protection. The MiCOM P436 provides catenary protection for classic and two-phase AT feeders.

    Easergy MiCOM P532 in 84TE Case
    • Features

      The MiCOM Px30 devices are a series of Rail Catenary Protection Devices.
      The P436 and the P438 provide protection for classic and two-phase AT feeders.

      The MiCOM P436 and the P438 have a proven record in providing comprehensive protection and can be applied to a wide range of applications. The user-friendly interface and several communication ports allows simple configuration, and its flexibility means that it can be customised to the user’s requirements.

      Four setting groups, simple configuration, extensive information polling

      The MiCOM P436 and P438 enable a wide range of applications to protect supplies and catenaries in classic and autotransformer-fed (AT) systems. With easy connection to virtually all substation and catenary network management systems, the two models are enhanced by a complete range of backup protection and automation functions.

      Four independent setting groups, with user-friendly control interface, store protection parameters and enable simple configuration to different operating conditions or alternative feeding. Extensive polling of information is also possible.

      MiCOM P436 and P438 also feature InterMiCOM Tele-protection. With their modular design, they are available for rack, flush panel or wall surface mounting.

      Customisation combined with easy integration

      User-friendly MiCOM P436 and P438 are fitted with 1A/5A software setting, supported in a single device, and two remote communication interfaces. It also benefits from InterMiCOM Tele-protection interface. Users can customise them to their own applications. Highly flexible, they can be easily integrated within various substation protective schemes.

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