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MiCOM P13x

Feeder Management Relays

Easergy MiCOM P13x is a range of feeder management and One-Box solutions for flexible and comprehensive protection and control of feeders. Models available: Easergy MiCOM P132, Easergy MiCOM P139 and MiCOM P130C

MiCOM P13x
  • Features

    MiCOM P130C compact feeder management & frequency protection relays provide comprehensive and valuable selective short-circuit, ground fault and overload protection.

    The easily adaptable MiCOM P130C compact device can be applied to all types of medium and high-voltage systems.
    The systems can be operated as impedance-grounded, resonant-grounded, or isolated-neutral systems.

    Multiple applications for comprehensive protection

    The MICOM P130C is fitted with a multitude of high sophisticated, fully integrated protection functions. Its flexibility enabled the user to cover a wide range of applications in the protection of underground cables and overhead line sections, transformers and motors. The range can be adapted to varying conditions in system operations.

    Due to its simple and flexible design, the MiCOM P130C is easily interfaced with most substation control or SCADA systems and provides complete protection and monitoring of the power system. The function keys enable significant reduction in engineering and wiring costs.

    Compact design, high performance and efficient communication

    The integrated local control panel with LCD-Display, user function keys, programmable LED’s and PC- interface provides a cost-effective and user friendly solution for the implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the MICOM P130C relays.

    Equipped with 1A/5A software setting, MiCOM P130C comes with two communication interfaces for SCADA and remote access. In addition, an InterMiCOM protection interface provides direct end-to-end communication between two protection devices.

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