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MiCOM P53x

Compact Line Differential Protection Device

Easegry MiCOM P53x range provides a two ended line differential protection function with all of the necessary protection communication interfaces. Models available: Easergy MiCOM P532 and MiCOM P530C

MiCOM P53x
  • Features

    Compact line differential protection
    This new compact line differential protection device replaces the PQ741 and has the look and feel of other products in the MiCOM Px3x compact range (such as the P130C, P430C or P630C). The MiCOM P530C is provided with additional new features and functions but is still pin-compatible with the PQ741.

    The MiCOM P530C features a two-ended line differential protection function. The associated protection communication interface can be set for independent use with other protection functions as well. The main enhancement in the differential protection function is the accommodation of different current transformers for the line. All measured currents are normalized to a line reference current so that the same differential protection settings may be used for both relays. To facilitate commissioning and maintenance, the matching factor set for the opposite side of the line can be read out.

    Several test functionalities for the protection communication interface are included in the relay. In parallel to the known loopback functionality, there is also the option of bitstream creation, transmission and evaluation.

    A multitude of additional protection functions for short-circuit and overload protection are implemented so that the relay doubles as a feeder protection.

    Directional overcurrent functions, ground fault detection and voltage supervision are available with the optional three-phase voltage measurement.


    • Easergy MiCOM P532 in 84TE Case
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