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    StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla

    Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    Ampla manufacturing execution system (MES) delivers real-time visibility of plant and business information so you can improve competitiveness in global markets and maximise shareholder returns. By driving the optimisation of production, processes and performance, Ampla increases your operational efficiencies and reduces energy consumption.

    StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla
    • Features

      Ampla makes it possible to capture, aggregate, and transform data into manageable, insightful information for productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting.

      Ampla offers a complete set of tools, with 11 modules each focusing on specific process areas, including: Ampla Downtime, Ampla Production, Ampla Metrics, Ampla Inventory, Ampla Energy, Ampla Quality, Ampla Planning, Ampla Maintenance, Ampla Knowledge, Ampla Recipe, and Ampla Cost.


      Drive operational improvement, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency

      Ampla enables to improve your competitiveness in global markets, increase shareholder returns, increase your operational efficiencies and reduce energy consumption.

      In addition, Ampla empowers manufacturers to

      • Reduce operating costs
      • Optimise production
      • Increase first-pass quality
      • Decrease waste and reject
      • Gain visibility of real-time data directly from the plant floor
      • Make decisions based on reliable manufacturing data
      • Reduce energy usage and costs


      Ampla Realtime Productivity Solution
      Ampla RTP has a proven track record in generating in excess of 15% productivity improvements across mining customers supply chain and process operations. The successful ability to maintain maximum sustainable rate at the bottleneck area of a process has achieved significant gains in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of our customers operation.

      Maximum Sustainable rates – Why does it matter?
      All processes are constrained by their nature – either by internal (capacity constraint) or external (demand constraint)
      A process constraint is also its leverage point
      • A leverage point allows small changes to produce big results but often leverage points are difficult to identify
      • Optimising part of the process is a waste of time if it is not at the leverage point
      • Profit is determined by the process constraints
      If you are not maintaining a maximum sustainable rate through your constraint you're not achieving maximum profits.

      To find out more about Ampla Real Time Productivity (RTP) solution go to the Documents and Download TAB to down load the whitepaper and data sheets.


      • Ampla QMF Dashboard 2016
      • Ampla Contributors Dashboard 2016
      • Ampla Reprocessing Dashboard 2016
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