• Acti 9 Overview

    Safe, simple, smart, efficient and reliable. This complete system has been designed specifically to give you the efficiency you deserve.

  • Acti9 Smartlink Easy communication system for final distribution boards

    Transfer data to a PLC or monitoring system via the Smartlink communication system. Receive status and alarms, remotely control your board and measure energy consumption.

  • Acti 9 DPN Vigi + N Are you ready to save time and make your job easy to do?

    Mixing a DPN Vigi 3P + N and a DPN 1P + N on the same row using the same busbar is now really easy.

  • Electrical Installation Guide

    The Electrical Installation Guide is written for electrical professionals who design, install, inspect, and maintain low-voltage electrical installations in compliance with the standards published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60364).

    Download the Electrical Installation Guide
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