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Where can one find technical information on the Powerpact H J and L circuit breakers?

Technical information on Powerpact circuit breakers including ratings, accessories, terminations, trip units, trip curves, and dimensions

Product Line:
Circuit breakers

Powerpact H, J, and L

It is possible to find much of the available literature by navigating to it in the Schneider Electric Download Center:
Document Download Center:  http://www.schneider-electric.us/en/download/

To find trip curves, ratings, and technical information on electrical and mechanical accessories and lugs, consult  product catalog:
Powerpact H/J/L:  0611CT1001
See attachments for trip unit manuals.

For help with Micrologic trip units for Powerpact H, J, and L circuit breakers, including modbus communications, consult instruction manuals:
Powerpact H, J, L Micrologic types 0 1 2 3; see User Guide 48940-310-01
Powerpact H, J, L Micrologic types 5 6; see User Guide 48940-312-01
Powerpact H, J, L modbus communications, see ULP System User Guide 48940-329-01
Modbus™ Communication—User Guide For PowerPact™ H-, J- and L-Frame Circuit Breakers 48940-328-01
PowerPact™ H-, J-, and L-Frame Circuit Breakers Modbus Communication Guide 0611IB1302 

For troubleshooting help, consult instruction manuals to ensure proper installation and review troubleshooting help sections where applicable.
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