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How to fix the communication issue between HMIG3U and Quantum PLC?

Instead of HMIGTO series, HMIG3U is normally recommended to replace the old magelis XBTGT series nowadays. However, For customer who used to use XBTGT series HMI communicating with Quantum PLC usually find a communication failure after they migrate to the HMIG3U. 
The problem is related to the physical layer configuration of the Ethernet port of the Quantum PLC. From the communication settings of Ethernet, there are two standards available:  Ethernet II and 802.3. Due to hardware issue of HMIG3U,  802.3 does not work in this case. Ethernet II should be used. Users with this problem can just make the modification and download the program to the PLC to solve the problem. Moreover, 802.3 standard works well with HMIG5U, customers can buy HMIG5U to replace their old HMIs if they don't want to take the risk changing the PLC program to affect its communication with other devices.
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