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Cannot connect to Sepam with SFT2841 V16.4 and I have other Schneider Electric software using the Modbus Driver

Cannot connect to Sepam with the SFT2841 software

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Sepam series 20
Sepam series 40
Sepam series 80

SFT2841 software

With the SFT2841 software version V16.4, a certain version of the Schneider Electric Modbus Driver is included with the installation package. If it is necessary to troubleshoot the Modbus Driver installation, some additional work may be required.

An issue may arise in some cases because there are other software applications developed by Schneider Electric that use the same Modbus Driver component as the SFT2841 software, and in some cases they may use different versions of this component compared to SFT2841.

Please refer to FA279049 for initial steps to troubleshoot the connection to the Sepam unit

If your installation of the Sepam SFT2841 software V16.4 has completed without any error messages, but you still have problems connecting to your Sepam relay, you can try the following procedure.
  1. Access Windows Control Panel and locate the Modbus Driver software
  2. Un-install the SFT2841 software
  3. Manually un-install the Modbus Driver identified in Step 1
  4. Run the SFT2841 V16.4 installer again
    • After a successful installation, you should see that the Modbus Driver has been installed again, and this version should be compatible with SFT2841
  5. You should now be able to connect to your Sepam device
Please be aware that your other Schneider Electric software that uses this Modbus Driver may not work after you follow this procedure. The standard practice for Schneider is to ensure compatibility of the latest Modbus Driver version with all current software platforms.  So, normally a new version of both SFT2841 and your other Schneider program (e.g., PLC programming software) should be released later with a Modbus Driver version that is compatible.

Please contact the Sepam Technical Support if you are still having problems connecting to your relay.
For the latest version of SFT2841 please refer to FA180051.
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