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Are AccuSine devices monitored in Power Quality Advisor natively?

In PME 8.2 the below AccuSine products have native drivers -
- AccuSine PCS
- AccuSine PCS Plus
- AccuSine PFV Plus 

Refer link for PME Device Driver Matrix: https://exchangecommunity.schneider-electric.com/docs/DOC-8607

As per the PQ Advisor Design Guide, in PME we have Standardized Equipment Diagrams for the below products(Hence below products are Native & can monitor the same in PME):
- AccuSine PCS Plus
- AccuSine PFV Plus 

Note: The corrective equipment diagrams are developed to support the products listed above. If the user’s corrective equipment is not in the above list, the application engineer can modify the default diagrams to work with the equipment, or create custom diagram pages for it.

For more details refer Page 13 from the PQ Advisor Design Guide and below is the link for the same.

Link for PQ Advisor Configuration Guide.pdf ->

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