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What things to consider when replacing an ATV61/71 with an ATV600/900?

The new ATV600/900 drives have lower output current capacity for the same KW rating compared to the obsolete ATV61/71 drives.
Rating ATV61HU55N4 ATV630U55N4 ATV630U75N4
Power 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Voltage 380 – 480 V 380 – 480 V 380 – 480V
Continuous current (ND) 14.3A 12.7A 16.5A
Transient current (ND) 17.1A 14A 18.2A
Therefore, when proposing a replacement drive to customer it is very important to consider the output current capacity. The best idea would be to offer a higher KW rating ATV600/900 than the existing ATV61/71. Considering the above scenario, we can propose 7.5KW ATV630 to customer.

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