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Data Publication Over a GPRS Modem on a Com'X 200

A GPRS modem with a SIM card must be plugged to the Com’X 200 for GPRS communication. The
modem LED flashes every 5 seconds if correctly detected.

Follow this procedure to configure your GPRS:
1 - Click the Communication settings main tab.
2 - Click the Network settings subtab.
3 - Click GPRS only in the Network configuration dropdown list.
4 - Type the APN provided with the SIM card.
5 - Type the username, password, and PIN code if provided by the operator.
6 - Click Save changes.
7 - Check if the GPRS modem is activated.

The modem LED shall be static with a color that depends on the GPRS signal level as shown below:
NO LED: No modem detected
YELLOW (fast repeated flash): Modem detected
YELLOW (slow repeated flash): Modem not connected to a network
RED (constant): Weak signal level 
YELLOW (constant): Medium signal level
GREEN (constant): High signal level

Check the status of the GPRS modem and signal level on the banner.
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