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What is the maximum number of expansion modules for M221 controllers

  • Local I/O
Maximum configuration: 7 Modicon TM3 expansion modules associated with an M221 logic controller.
Depending on the expansion module references, there may be fewer than 7.
  • Remote I/O
Maximum configuration: 14 Modicon TM3 expansion modules (7 local modules + 7 remote modules) with the Modicon TM3 bus expansion system (transmitter module and receiver module is not included in the maximum number of modules).
TM3 expansion modules are powered by logic controllers via the bus connector on the side of the products. This connector delivers 2 voltages, 5 V and 24 V. You should therefore calculate the total TM3 expansion module consumption and check that it is compatible with the maximum current delivered by the controller. SoMachine Basic hardware configuration is an easy tool to check the compatibility. Please refer to the attached file for reference.
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