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How to show the alarm page from Vijeo Air+ running devices (tablet, smart phone)?

A detailed description of showing alarm page from Vijeo Air+ can be found from Online help Here attached the important steps of the configuration.
A tablet/smartphone does not have local alarms but it can access shared alarms from other targets in the project.
Using a switch that an HMI designer created and configured in Vijeo Designer Buildtime, the operator can monitor and acknowledge remote alarms on the tablet/smartphone. To set up data sharing of alarms, you can create a remote category, which is a collection of shared alarm groups, in the tablet/smartphone target. You can add alarm groups to a remote category in a tablet/smartphone target.
Before you create remote categories, you must enable data sharing on the targets and on the alarm group.
A remote category in a tablet/smartphone target only supports normal alarm groups. It does not support other types of alarms groups (such as diagnostic alarm groups) and event groups.
For example, add Alarm Group 1 in target machine 1 to the remote category created in the tablet, and then draw a switch with an Alarm Panel operation on the tablet panel. At run time, an operator can tap the switch on the tablet application to open the alarm panel, where the operator can view and interact with the alarms in Alarm Group 1 from target machine 1.
To set up the Alarm Panel:
  1. Right-click the Alarms & Events node for a tablet/smartphone target, and select New Remote Category to display the Remote Category Settings dialog box.
  2. Select the target machine and the target machine's alarm groups you want to access.
  3. Click to select the draw tool, and draw the switch. Click the ellipsis in the Actions property.
  4. In the Actions dialog box, set the touch condition and select System in the Operations drop-down list. Select Alarm Panel, and then click Add.
  5. Click OK.
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