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What are the differences between M221 PLC book and M221 PLC Controller?

Regarding your inquiry about the differences between M221 PLC book and Controller, please check the following points:
  • M221 book requires minimal installation space;
  • M221 supports both 100-240VAC and 24VDC power supply while M221 book only support 24VDC;
  • As you have mentioned, M221 supports up to 40I/O while M221 book support up to 32 I/O;
  • M221 provides removable screw terminal block, M221 book provides removable screw terminal block or spring terminal block (Reference ending in letter G);
  • One obvious difference between M221 and M221 book is M221 supports cartridge slots which makes M221 capable to adopt the cartridge modules such as analog IO and serial communication, etc. 

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