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Video: Program “Absence Detection” using Rapid Configuration

Absence detection sets the sensor to detect the absence of motion. If the lighting is on and the sensor detects the absence of motion, a timer is activated. When the timer expires and the sensor element still detects absence, a C-Bus command is sent to control lighting.
This video will step through Program “Absence Detection” using Rapid Configuration, it will cover those C-Bus sensors, 5753L and 5753PEIRL.
Product Line:
5753L and 5753PEIRL
C-Bus Sensors: C-Bus Toolkit 1.15.2
Double click the sensor to open its GUI in Rapid
Select “Absence Detection” and click “Next”
Select a group from “Group” dropdown list
Define the Expiry Time (5 minutes assigned by default)
Click “Apply” or “Save & Close”
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