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How do I add/create a Modbus Device Manually in EBX510?

Modbus devices that are not connected cannot be discovered, but they can be added manually using the following procedure:

1. Click the Device Settings main tab.

2. Select the upstream device with a Modbus serial port in the device tree view. For example, the Com'X 510 must be selected to connect a Modbus device to the Com'X 510.

3. Select the Modbus Serial collapsible menu.Click the header to expand the Modbus Serial collapsible menu.

4. Click Create a new device in the Device drop-down list.

5. Select a Device Type in the drop-down list. NOTE: Only the devices that can be connected to a Modbus serial port are listed.

6. Type the Slave ID in the Configuration collapsible menu. Refer to Common Properties on page 75 for completing the other parameters.

7. Click Create and the device appears in the device tree view

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