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How can I upload and save the project file from the Twido PLC?

To transfer a project file from the Twido PLC to the PC, you need to get three things ready: the Twido PLC powered on, the communication cable TSXCUSB485 + TSXCRJMD25 (USB to RJ45 to RJ45 to minidin8) and the programming software TwidoSuite. 
Run the TwidoSuite and choose "Programming" mode, then from the "Project" tab, click "Open an existing project" , check "From Controller", then click "Load".
The TwidoSuite will then jump to the "Select connection" page, choose your com port and click "OK". Then the program existed in the controller will be transferred to the PC. To save the project, you need to disconnect the PC from the PLC first. After this is done, the "Save current project" selection should be available from the "Project" tab.Finally, select the location and file type to save your project. 
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