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What is the replacement model for a NS100N 3 Pole molded case circuit breaker?

The replacement model for a NS100N 3 Pole is the NSX100F 3P range.

NSX100F: (36kA at 415V)
Complete/3 Pole Front Connected
Description Type Trip Unit Rating Part Number
NSX100F (36kA) Distribution Protection Standard thermal-magnetic trip unit TM-D TM16D 11-16A LV429637
TM25D 17-25A LV429636
TM32D 22-32A LV429635
TM40D 28-40A LV429634
TM50D 35-50A LV429633
TM63D 44-63A LV429632
TM80D 56-80A LV429631
TM100D 70-100A LV429630
Electronic Trip unit Micrologic 2.2 (LSol) 40A 18-40A LV429772
100A 40-100 LV429770
Electronic Trip unit Micrologic 5.2A (LSI) (ammeter) 40A 18-40A LV429882
100A 40-100 LV429880
NSX100F (36kA)
Motor Protection
Nagnetic only trip Unit MA MA2.5 2.5A, 0.75kW LV429745
MA6.3 6.3A, 2.2kW LV429744
MA12.5 12.5A, 5.5kW LV429743
MA25 25A, 11kW LV429742
MA50 50A, 22kW LV429741
MA100 100A, 45kW LV429740
Electronic Trip unit Micrologic 2.2 (LSol) 25A 12-25A, 11kW LV429828
50A 25-50A, 22kW LV429827
100A 50- 100A, 45kW LV429825

There is also a 4P model as well.

Please see link to Product guide - http://www2.schneider-electric.com/resources/sites/SCHNEIDER_ELECTRIC/content/live/FAQS/297000/FA297893/pl_PL/CROSSFER%20NS%20TO%20NSX.pdf
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