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How to resolve the error message "There is no response from the server." when downloading data models via Easergy Studio (Micom S1 Studio) Data Model Manager?

I receive the following error message when attempting to download the Data Models for Easergy Studio (Micom S1 Studio) 
 “There is no response from the server. Please try again later.”

Product Line  
Easergy Studio (MiCOM S1 Studio)

Installing data models

Local network restrictions such as antivirus and firewalls prevent access to the server.


This can be solved by defining the data model HTTPS Server as “trusted” in customer's IT Network.

Needed Server data (sdmm.schneider-electric.com) :

-> Servername: schuse1aapxp1, IP:, Port: 443 (https)

See attached document: Appendix B from “Easergy Studio V7.0.0 – Release Notes v1.0.pdf “

If you continue to experience issues you may download all the data models from the following link: https://schneider-electric.box.com/v/StudioDM (last update: 20/01/17). Please consider the large file size may result in long download times.
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