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Why is LED Light not working correctly with 750WP?

The LED Light is not working correctly with 750WP 2-Wire Sensor because it is not a compatible load.
If controlling a LED load via a sensor is required, you will need to use a 3-Wire version. The part number for a 3 Wire version is a 750WPR.
Please see the compatibility chart below:
Catalogue Number 750WP 750WPR
Compatible Load Types Incandescent Incandescent
  240V Halogen 240V Halogen
  Iron Core Transformers Fluorescent Loads
  N/A Iron Core Transformers
  N/A Electronic Transformers
  N/A Shaded Pole Induction Motors (Exhaust fans, (5A Max)
  N/A Split Phase Induction Motors (ceiling fans, 5A Max)
  N/A Other Motor Loads (Limit to 5A Max)
Incompatible Load Types Electronic Transformers N/A
  Fluorescent Loads N/A
  Discharge Lamps N/A
  Motor Loads N/A

Some of the key features for the 3 wire 750WPR Outdoor sensor are:
  • 10A maximum load current
  • Stand-by power consumption is less than 1W
  • 3 Wire
  • Neutral required
  • 30 seconds warmup time
  • 18 metre radius x 110° rated detection field at maximum sensitivity
  • 5 seconds to 20 minutes timer delay range
  • Cables accommodates 4 terminals, up to 2 x 2.5mm² cable per terminal
  • Relay switching method
For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=750WPR

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