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Can we replace front display module of Magelis STU without re-downloading?

For Magelis HMISTU655/855, it is possible to replace the front module with HMIS65/85 but for that, you need to reload the Runtime from VJD Runtime Installer and then download the application by changing the target type.

Here is the procedure to use a front module HMIS85 with a HMISTU655:
  1. Turn on the HMISTU655
  2. Install the Runtime from the VJD Runtime Installer
  3. Turn off the HMISTU655
  4. Replace the front module by the HMIS85
  5. Turn on the “new” HMI
  6. Download the application by selecting the HMISTU855 in VJD build time.
For new STU with HMIS5T rear module, it works with any front module(HMIS65 or HMIS85) without re-downloading the application.
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