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Why is my remote not being accepted or syncing with my Alarm and RF Receiver for Homesafe?

The newer 5400RF (RF Receiver) is capable of accepting "long radio codes" which some remotes are not capable of sending.

The RK3+1 was designed to be compatible with the previous model of RF Receiver as such it sends "short radio codes". To enable the RK3+1 to be programmed and synchronize with the newer 5400RF (RF Receiver) you will need to disable the "long radio codes" functionality on the HomeSafe Alarm / RF Receiver.

With the HomeSafe alarm in Program Installer mode, flashing "PROG" enter P68E 3E to toggle option ON & OFF.  
If Zone 3 number is no longer being shown then the option has been toggled OFF as required. 

Then follow the steps in the installation instructions on radio device programming. 

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