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How to pair the ID of an eXL hoist remote unit with a base station ?

Here is a pretested link for the procedure from L3 technical support for eXL hoist remote in our technical database named Box.
This link successfully opened on 27-04-2016.

The size of this zip file is just over 311 MB.

During this training presentation it is a good idea to observe when our L3 technical support person inserts the screw,
which operates a microswitch inside the remote.

You will also need the eXL hoist configuration software installed on your computer and programming cable.

The following links successfully opened on 27-04-2016.
However, sometimes these links need to be highlighted, then copied, and then pasted into an internet browser.

Here is an indirect link dated 27-04-2016  to the 424 MB eXL Hoist Configuration Software V2.0.12, then scroll down to the software.

Here is the link dated 27-04-2016  to the eXL Hoist March 2014 catalog; which successfully opened today.

Here is the link dated 27-04-2016  to the eXL Hoist April 2015 User Guide ; which successfully opened today.

http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Reference=EIO0000001505&p_EnDocType=User guide&p_File_Id=1704028281&p_File_Name=EIO0000001505.02.pdf

These 2 links were found via the following 2 links for Schneider Electric's Australian website:



However, all of these links are subject to being changed at anytime without notification.

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