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What are the dimensions of the 4FCC24?

The dimensions of the 4FCC24 are Width:315mm, Height:380mm, Depth:80mm, Depth Including Lid: 100mm.

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued, however there is a replacement product available called a 4FCC30.
Some key features of this product are:
  • Supplied with neutral and earth bars
  • 2 x 15 module busbar
  • No isolating switch
  • Ample wiring entries
  • Comprehensive range of legend stickers
  • Generous earth and split neutral bars are provided and located for ease of wiring. Main neutral termination for cable up to 35 sq mm
The dimensions of this product are
Width:376mm, Height:392mm, Depth:70mm + wall thickness

For more information, please visit http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=4FCC30

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