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When purchasing a ZEN dimmer what parts are required?

To assemble a ZEN Dimmer it will consist of three parts. The mechanism, ZEN Series plate and the knob kit. Alternatively you can use a push button dimmer which does not require a knob kit.
Please see the below table for the part numbers to build a plate

Part Part Number Description
Knob Kit Z4062EDIM Includes 4 knob's 2 white, 2 black. 1 Fan and 1 Dimmer in each colour
Rotary Dimmer 4061E2RUDM Universal Integrally switched*
4062E450UDM Universal 450W dimmer **
4062ELEDM Trailing Edge (LED specific)**
Push Button Dimmer 4061E2PUDM Universal Integrally switched* (No knob kit required)
ZEN Grid and Cover Z4061VH 1 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series
Z4062VH 2 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series
Z4063VH 3 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series
Z4064VH 4 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series
Z4065VH 5 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series
Z4066VH 6 Gang grid plate and cover in ZEN Series

*Integrally switched means that the mechanism is a dimmer and a switch in one. In other words it has a built in switch.
**This dimmer will require a seperate switch to turn the dimmer on and off, meaning it will require a minimum of a 2 gang plate. Standard switch mechanism is a 60PB

For further information please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric






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