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What is a Starserve HDCP Error ?

This error occurs when the handshake between our Starserve unit and Foxtel is not completed correctly - This can be due to
-Firmware updates
-New cables installed in the system
-Other security issues arising from distributed network tv.
The singal is not decoded correctly and cannot be displayed by the TV

Please see below for some basic trouble shooting that can be forwarded to the customer. This guide was sourced from a FOXTEL FAQ

-  Switch both the tv and Foxtel box off at the power point
-  Unplug the HDMI cable from either the Foxtel box or TV
-  Switch both the TV and Foxtel box back on
-  Wait for the Foxtel box to go back to a “blue light” – this takes 2-3 mins
-  Once the box is on a solid blue, plug the HDMI cable back in
-  You will then need to go to active > setup > advance settings > picture settings > high definition settings
-  HDCP warning settings should be set to “no warnings” (use arrows to change this)
-  HDCP status should be successful
-  Press select on save new settings
-  Press the Foxtel button on the remote control to exit the menu.
If you continue to get a black screen coming up then the best solution would be to remove the HDMI cable altogether and reconnect your Foxtel box to your TV using Component leads.

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