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Is there a 12 channel, universal dimmer relay, with power supply available?

No, unfortunately there isnt a 12 channel, universal dimmer, with power supply. However, a 4 channel, universal dimmer relay, with power supply is available. The part number is L5504D2U. 3 of these would be required to make up your 12 channels.

Some key features are:

  • 4 channel Leading Edge/Trailing Edge
  • 12M DIN modules wide
  • 4 channels of 2.5A rating
  • Suitable for low voltage electronic transformers, incandescent lamps and low voltage lamps with iron core transformers
  • Automatic load sensing
  • Software selectable network burden and C-Bus system clock
  • inbuilt 200mA C-Bus power supply
  • C-Bus Learn Enabled
  • For use with Leading Edge or Trailing Edge compatible low voltage transformers
  • 215 mm x 85 mm x 65 mm

For further information please visit http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=L5504D2U


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