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What is the alternative for the C-bus network interface 5100CN2?

The alternative/ replacement part for the the 5100CN2 C-bus network interface is the 5500CN2 C-bus network interface.
The C-Bus Computer Network Interface (CNI) is a C-Bus system device designed to provide an isolated communications path between an Ethernet 10Base-T Network and a C-Bus Network. This allows high-speed control and monitoring of a C-Bus installation via the TCP/IP protocols used in computer networks and by the Internet.

The CNI is a nearly instantaneous connection to a C-Bus network. It provides a gateway between high-speed, high bandwidth Ethernet communication and the robust, timetested Clipsal C-Bus Automation System. System integrators and installers can program a C-Bus network remotely without the need for transporting a PC to the local C-Bus network and connecting via the serial port.


For further information please visit http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?CatNo=5500CN2&c=2&ms=11&s=19&mg=7051  



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