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What is the part number for the current Dali Multi Sensor?

The part numbe for the Dali Multi Sensor is DCDALMS360.
Current Firmware 2.007
Inbuild PIR, Light level Sensor and 
Dry contact input Switch

Some of its key features are:
  • Adjustable 360° PIR detector and light level (Lux) sensitivity, Multi master operation and control over the DALI bus
  • Multi master operation and control over the DALI bus
  • Light level tracking has high IR and UV rejection
  • Supports linked control of PIR or Lux sensing for the same targets
  • Full collision detection and restart ensures that commands are sent
  • Configurable on and off actions
  • Up to 4 switchable profiles, for example: normal hours, after hours, generator and security
  • Supports power failure and restart
  • Protected against accidental mains connection
  • Allows easy addressing with torch selection
For further information please visit http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=DCDALMS360
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