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How do i troubleshoot a ground fault error on a Schneider Electric Conext RL, TL or CL Inverter?

Important Note: Troubleshooting Schneider Electric Conext RL, TL and CL Inverter faults including ground faults must be undertaken and completed by a CEC - Grid Connect Inverter accredited solar installer/service agent.
This is a safety requirement as failure to follow installation instructions could result in death or serious injury in addition to voiding terms of warranty.

The isolation impedance of both the positive leg to earth and negative leg to earth can be measured using a minimum 600VDC rated multimeter for Conext RL's and 1000VDC rated multimeter for Conext TL's and CL's.
The inverter should be powered down and the DC inputs disconnected to obtain an accurate isolation impedance reading.

Both the positive leg to earth and the negative leg to earth should be greater than 1.2MOhms. If they are displaying greater than 1.2MOhms then the ground fault error is being caused by a faulty inverter.
If you are measuring less than 1.2MOhms on either the positive leg to earth or the negative leg to earth then you will need to inspect your pv panels, wiring, isolators, breakers for moisture and wiring issues which could be resulting in the ground fault condition. 

The Conext RL, TL, CL's are transformerless inverters and require floating PV arrays. 
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