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How to change eDLT page from an external device?

The eDLT C-Bus wall switch can set set to lock to pages 1-4 or the standby page using a nominated Group Address on the Enable Control Application (#203), using the following preset levels:

Level 0 = unlock eDLT pages

Level 1 = lock eDLT to page 1

Level 2 = lock eDLT to page 2

Level 3 = lock eDLT to page 3

Level 4 = lock eDLT to page 4

Level 254 = lock eDLT to Standby page


When the eDLT switch is locked to one of the user's page 1-4, it may still time-out to the Standby page (if enabled), but when it wakes it only shows that specific user page.

When the eDLT switch is locked to the Standby page, it stays on that Standby page after waking up and does not access any of the user's pages 1-4.
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